Early to Mid-Career

Evaluating and Adjusting Your Strategy

Determining which direction you’d like to take your future, including retirement planning, is essential to supporting yourself and your family–now and in the future. We’ll take a look at your current scenario and work with you to ensure you’re setting yourself up for success.

We’ve found that many people don’t have a coherent plan; it’s not uncommon for a person to have multiple retirement accounts and a variety of different investments. Looking at the bigger picture and establishing a strategy for reaching your goals can ensure you’re giving yourself every opportunity to create a stress-free retirement and legacy.

Fast Facts:

  • As of 2022, you can contribute up to $20,000 annually to a 401k or 403b at work. If you’re over the age of 50, that increases to $27,000 annually.
  • More than ⅔s of the active workforce are searching for new job opportunities.
  • Your household income needs to be approximately $221,000 to be in the top 5% of wage earners.

Time To Focus On You.