Starting at a New Healthcare Institution

Plan Now and Thank Yourself Later

Going from one healthcare institution to another may leave you with questions about what to do with your old 401(k) account, how to manage your assets, and how new benefits play into your overall retirement plan. You’ll have many options available to you – let’s take advantage of them.

As a new employee of a healthcare institution, now is the time to correct or improve your financial situation by utilizing our knowledge and experience to ensure you’re maximizing the potential of the benefits and instruments you have access to. Below are some initial resources for consideration as you begin at your new healthcare institution.

Fast Facts:

  • Approximately ⅓ of new retirement accounts (401k or 403b) don’t have an assigned beneficiary.
  • Most people will work an average of 90,000 hours in their career.
  • A new worker entering the workforce will on average have 12 different jobs in their lifetime.

Time To Focus On You.